Islamic Publishing House

The official publication division of Jama’at – e – Islami, Kerala chapter. Founded in 1945 .The publication directorate is situated at Vellimadukunnu, Calicut and the main showroom at Rajaji Road, Calicut.

A brief history
The first all-India conference of Jama’at – e – Islami organized at Darul Islam, Punjab adopted a resolution to translate and publish important Islamic works into various vernacular languages of India as well as into the chief global languages. The task of Malayalam translations and publication was assigned to V. P. Muhammed Ali Haji (Haji Sahib), the first Amir of Jama’at – e – Islami Kerala chapter. He set a grand beginning to this task by translating ‘Risal – e – Diniyat’ of Abul A’la Mawdudi into Malayalam under the title ‘Islam Matham’. This work can be considered the first important work on Islam to be published in the Malayalam language. Prior to this, much of the literary works and periodicals of Keralite Muslims were in the hybrid Arabic-Malayalam script. The same year also witnessed the birth of important publishing houses of Kerala like Sahitya Pravarthaka Sahakarana Sangham and Grantha Sala Sangham.
The growth of IPH was rapid. In no time, it rose to the position of becoming the most influential non-formal agency for the education on Islam. A tiny cubicle in a small mosque at Irimbiliyam, near Valanchery, Malappuram District – this was the first ‘Head Quarters’ of IPH. Immediately after ‘Islam Matham’, ‘Raksha Sarani’ (Salamthee ka Rastha- The way to salvation) was published. It was Haji Sahib himself who took up the responsibility of distributing these books throughout Kerala. These books were printed at C. M. Press, Edavay. After sometime the head quarters of IPH was shifted from Irimbiliyam to Valanchery and then to Edayoor and finally to Vellimadukunnu. After Haji Sahib, Abul Jalal Moulavi, T. K. Ibrahim and T. Muhammed Sahib headed IPH at various times. Since 1982, Sheikh Muhammed Karakunnu is the Director of IPH.

Growth and Development
IPH had a humble origin. It started its operations with a meagre working capital of 700 rupees donated by the Jama’at – e – Islami Head quarters. But now it is the leading edge of the publishing houses in Kerala. It is the biggest publisher of Islamic literature in the whole of South India. IPH has published books on almost all topics related to Islam. No doubt, these books have played a crucial role in the resurgence of the Muslim community in Kerala. IPH has now nearly 500 titles to its credit.
These books meet all standards of quality and excellence in content, layout and design. By adopting the latest trends and technologies in the printing industry, IPH has created its own niche in the publishing domain. IPH publishes books at the rate of almost one every three days one every three days. Along with the main showroom at Rajaji Road, Calicut, IPH has showrooms at M. P. Road, Calicut, Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kannur and agencies at more than 20 places in Kerala and the Gulf countries. Annual Book Fairs are organized by IPH. and it is also an active participant in many international book fairs in Kerala and in the Gulf countries. A Book Club scheme is also functional for the convenience of the long-standing customers of IPH.
IPH is a member of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) serial and has its own footing in the international book-publishing field. It occupies a leading position in the list of the Indian publishing houses registered under ISBN. The book-release functions and fairs organized by IPH are also fora of diverse cultural initiatives. These programmes bring together important literary and cultural figures of Kerala and other places. These programmes are distinguished by the overwhelming participation of people belonging to all castes and creeds. The IPH pricing policy is not profit-oriented. IPH books are available at prices which are much lower than that of any other publishing house in Kerala. The children’s literature of IPH is sold at a price much lesser than that of publishing agencies funded by government.A 12-member committee consisting of writers and other literary figures is in charge of selecting and scrutinizing the works for publication. The publishing policy is to publish all sorts of works which are not contrary to the spirit of Islam, which promote the ethical-moral outlook in society and inculcate truth and justice in the socio-political, cultural and religious spheres of life.
Along with the various works in the genre of Holy Qur’an and Ahadith studies, jurisprudence, history, biography, autobiography, short stories, novels, travelogues, science, children’s literature etc, IPH has also published many works which render important insights into the phenomena of the global Islamic resurgence of 20th century C. E. The list of authors ranges from early-day scholars like Imam Ghazzali, Imam Nawawi, Shah Waliyullah Dahlawi to contemporary figures like Shahid Hasan al-Banna, Shahid Syed Qutb, Abul A’la Mawdudi, Abul Hasan Ali al-Nadvi, Dr. Ali Shariati, Dr. Yusuf al-Qardawi, Syed Sabiq, Syed Sulaiman Nadvi, Dr. Saeed Ramadan Buti, Dr. Mustafa Assibai, Tharwat Saulat , Roger Garaudy, Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi, K. L. Gauba, Zainab al-Ghazzali, Muhammed Qutb, Alija Izzat Begovic, Muhammed al-Ghazzali, Ahmed Bahjat, Najib Kilani, Murad Hoffmann, Ali Tantawi, Muhammed Asad, Abul Kalam Asad, Malcolm X, Alex Haley, Maryam Jameela, Father Benjamin Keldani, Dr. Hashim Yahya Khalidi, Abdul Azeez ibn Baz, Sadruddin Islahi, In’amurahman Khan, Naeem Siddiqi, Amin Ahsan Islahi, Khurram Jha Murad, Abu Salim Abdul Hayy, Dr. Muhammed Hamidulla, Maulana Hamid Ali, Dr.Fathiyakan, Dr. Jamal Badawi, Prof. Khurshid Ahmed, Dr. M. I. H. Faruqi, Abdul Hamid Siddiqi, Syed Ahmed Uruj Qadiri, Mazharudin Siddiqi, Wahiduddin Khan, Jalaludin Umari etc. IPH has also published the works of non-Muslim scholars like Sir Thomas Arnold, Prof. K. S. Rama Krishna Rao, Prof. M. P. S. Menon, Surinder Kaur, Tapan Sanyal, Nathuram, M. S. Nair, Caroll L. Anvy, Winin Pereira, Jeremy Seabrook, Yoginder Sikand, Vanidas Elayavoor, K. G. Raghavan Nair, Paul Kallanod, P. K. Gopi, C. Radhakrishnan etc.IPH has been instrumental in bringing to light some of the most original works in Malayalam language on Islam and has thus nourished the contemporary literary tradition of Kerala in a significant manner. IPH has published path-breaking books of authors like K. C. Abdulla Moulavi, T. Muhammed, T. Ishaque Ali Moulavi, Muhammed Abul Jalal Moulavi, T. K. Abdulla, Dr. Muhyudin Alwaye, Sheikh Muhammed Karakunnu, O. Abdul Rahman, T. K. Ubaid, E. V. Abdu, V. A. Kabir, Prof. K. M. Bahaudin, N. M. Husain, K. P. F. Khan, K. Abdulla Hasan, Ibrahim Bevincha, Hyder Ali Santhapuram, E. N. Ibrahim, Prof. P. P. Shahul Hamid, E. C. Simon Master etc.

Important Works Published by IPH
Tafhimul Qur’an (6 Volumes), Qur’an Bhashyam (Tarjumanul Quran- An Interpretation on Qur’an), Qur’an Lalita Saram ( A Lucid Gist of Qur’an), Amritha Vani ( Nectarine Voice), Fiqhussunna, Islam: Prabodhanavum Pracharavum(The Preaching of Islam- The Call and Propagation of Islam), Islamika Samooham – Charitra Sangraham ( Millathe Islamiya ki Mukhthasar Thareekh- A Concise History ofIslamic Society, 4 volumes), Bharatiya Samskarathinte Adiyozhukkukal ( Undercurrents of the Indian Civilization), Muhammed, Faruq Umar, Khilafathum Rajavaychayum (Khilafath our Mulukiyaath- Khilafah and Monarchy), Islam Matham (Risal-e Deeniyath), Islam: Rajamargam ( Islam between East and West), Islamile Samuhya Neeti ( Al Edalathul ijithimaiyyathu fil Islam - Social Justice in Islam), Viswasavum Jeevithavum (Al Eamanu val hayathu- Faith and Life), Prabodhanam Qur’anil ( The Qur’anic Model of Propagation), Khutbat, Saindava Nagarithayum Purana Kathakalum ( The Indus Civilization and Ancient Fables), Ibadah – Oru Samagra Padanam ( Ibadah – A Comprehensive Study), Thouhidinte Darshanam (Tawhid: Its Implications in Thought and Life), Vyvahika Jeevitham Islamika Veekshanathil ( Conjugal Life : The Islamic Perspective), Khadiyanism – Oru Samagra Padanam ( Khadiyanism : A Comprehensive Study, 7 Volumes), Allahu Qur’anil ( Allah in Qur’an), Qur’anile Janthukathakal (Qasasul Hayavani fil Quran- Animal Stories in Qur’an), Makkayilekkulla Patha ( The Road to Mecca), Malkam Exinte Atma Katha (The Auto Biography of Malcolm X ), Murad Hoffmante Diary Kurippukal (A Diary of a German Muslim- The Diary Notes of Murad Hoffmann).

The Islamic Encyclopedia
The Islamic Encyclopedia project of IPH is a significant milestone in the literary and publishing history of Kerala. The topics related to Islam and Muslims are categorized according to the Malayalam alphabetical order. The encyclopedia will have 12 volumes. By the Grace of God, eight volumes have been published. Our aim is to finish the project in a time-bound manner. The project is a collaborative effort of almost 200 authors. Maximum cooperation is also sought from the scholars and intellectuals from outside Kerala for this project. A team of experts with diverse specializations leads the project. The Encyclopedia team takes utmost care in making the content of the encyclopedia the most authoritative, and the layout and design the most attractive and appealing. It would be worth mentioning here that some publishers from beyond Kerala have expressed their interest in translating this encyclopedia into their languages.

Best Sellers
Many of the books of IPH have multiple editions. Thousands of copies are sold rapidly in each edition. The total number of copies of the book ‘namaskaram’ (Prayer) written by Abul Jalal Moulavi printed by IPH is 1, 34,000. The copies of Abul A’la Mawdudi’s Zindagi Ba’da Mouth (Life after Death) translated into Malayalam as ‘Maranananthara Jeevitam’ by IPH is 85,000. The number of copies of his ‘Shahadath-e- Haque’ (Witness unto Truth) translated under the title ‘Satya Sakshyam’ is 95,000. The number of copies of ‘Islam Matham’ is 67,000; that of ‘Salamathee Ka Rastha’ (Raksha Sarani) is 73,000. The number of copies of K. C. Abdulla Moulavi’s ‘Paralokam Qur’anil’ (Life after Death in Qur’an) printed is 66,000. The demand for the Malayalam translations of Tarjumanul Qur’an and Tafhimul Qur’an is also very large. The number of copies of the translation of ‘Tarjumanul Qur’an’ titled ‘Qur’an Bashyam’ distributed is 48,000. There are many books published by IPH like Khutbat, ‘Buddhiyude Vidhi’ (Aqul ka faisala- The Judgment of Intellect), ‘Paralokam Qur’anil’ (Life after Death in Qur’an), ‘Muhammad –Mahanaya Pravachakan’ (Muhammad – The Great Prophet), ‘Kudumba Jeevitham’ (Family Life) etc with more than 10 editions and 50,000 copies. Other books are also printed at a rate of one edition every two years. ‘Qur’ante Munnil Vinayanwitham’ (Before the Qur’an, in Humility) by Vanidas Elayavoor and ‘Daivam, Matham, Vedam : Sneha Samvadam’ ( God, Religion, Scripture : A Dialogue of Love) by Sheikh Muhammed Karakunnu are two books which have attained much popularity during recent years.

IPH books have received many awards for their excellence in content, design and layout. Bharatiya Samskarathinte Adi Oyukkukal (Undercurrents of the Indian Civilization) by T. Muhammed, Prabodhanam Qur’anil ( The Qur’anic Model of Propagation) by K. C. Abdulla Moulavi, ‘Malabar Samaram : M. P. Narayana Menonum Sahapravarthakarum’ ( Malabar Revolution : M. P. Narayana
Menon and Comrades) by Prof. M. P. S. Menon, ‘Amrita Vani’ (Nectarine Voice) by K. G. Raghavan Nair, ‘Umar ibn Abdul Aziz’, ‘Islam and Religious Tolerance’ and ‘20 Sthree Ratnangal’ (20 Noble ladies) by Sheikh Muhammed Karakunnu, ‘Rashtra Sankalpam Islamil’(The Concept of State in Islam) and ‘Shariatum Indian Muslimkalum’ (Shariah and Indian Muslims) by V. A. Kabir, Saindava Nagarithayum Purana Kathakalum ( The Indus Civilisation and Ancient Fables) by N. M. Husain, ‘Qur’ante Munnil Vinayanwitham’ (Humbly before Qur’an) by Vanidas Elayavoor, ‘Zakath: Tathvavum Prayogavum’ ( Zakath : Theory and Practice) by K. Abdulla Hasan, ‘Siddique al-Akbar’ by E.N. Ibrahim, ‘Karutha Muth’ (Black Pearl) by P. T. Abdul Rahman, ‘Kokila Ganam’ ( The Song of the Cuckoo) by Muhammedkutty Elambilakkod, ‘Bahumanyanaya Padushah’ ( The Honorable Badshah) by N. P. Hafiz Muhammed and Makkayilekkulla Patha ( The Road to Mecca) by Muhammed Asad are some of the books of IPH which have received awards.



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